California Groundfish Collective Annual Report

Each year the California Groundfish Collective develops a report describing our operations and results on the water.   Click here for a copy of the most recent 2017 Report. Click here for the 2016 Annual Report, here for the 2015 Annual Report and here for the 2014 Annual Report.

Paper: Reducing bycatch through a risk pool: A case study of the U.S. West Coast groundfish fishery

Using the California Groundfish Collective as a case study, this peer-reviewed paper in Marine Policy details how voluntary collective agreements among fishermen can be used to reduce risk of bycatch and improve fishery performance. The paper describes the challenges and results of designing and implementing an insurance risk pool in the West Coast groundfish fishery to enable fishermen to share and manage quota, reduce bycatch risk, improve economic efficiency and incentivize stewardship.

Electronic Monitoring in the West Coast Groundfish Fishery: Summary Results from the CGC Exempted Fishing Permit Project 2015-2018

Starting in 2014, the California Groundfish Collective and The Nature Conservancy formed a partnership to manage an Exempted Fishing Permit project in the West Coast groundfish Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) fishery to test the use of electronic video monitoring (EM) in lieu of human observers for catch compliance purposes. This report briefly summarizes high-level findings from this project and shares lessons learned for others to consider.

Paper: eCatch: Enabling collaborative fisheries management with technology

This paper in Ecological Informatics describes the creation of eCatch, a software to help California Groundfish Collective members collect and share fishing information to avoid sensitive species and habitats. The paper details the challenges, costs, and benefits of creating and using this electronic logbook and online mapping system to meet the need for real-time data collection.

California Groundfish Collective Flyer

Check out our printable CGC flyer for more information on what we do. 

The Nature Conservancy's California Groundfish Project Fact Sheet 

Learn more about The Nature Conservancy's longstanding engagement with the groundfish fishery and the origins of the California Groundfish Collective. 

Individual Fishing Quota System Resource Guide

View our Individual Fishing Quota System Resource Guide to learn more about the the management of the West Coast IFQ Program. 

Catch Monitoring in the West Coast Groundfish Fishery

This report is a review of the current conditions of catch monitoring in the West Coast Groundfish Fishery and the opportunities for improved access to monitoring.

Fact Sheet: New ways to survey marine habitats and fish populations 

This fact sheet details the collaborative work being done by scientists, engineers, fishermen, and fishery managers to survey groundfish species and their habitats using innovative technology off the West Coast.  Participants in the CGC participated in this collaborative research project.