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The California Groundfish Collective (CGC) is managed by a Risk Pool Advisory Committee (RPAC), which is made up of representatives of each Fish Marketing Association (FMA) participating in the CGC.

Chosen RPAC members have a variety of roles and responsibilities to support the CGC. RPAC members manage collective harvest planning and risk pooling operations, provide leadership in collaborative fisheries research projects, coordinate and engage in regional and national policy initiatives, and improve external communications and engage in marketing initiatives to educate and elevate brand.

Together, with partners like the Conservancy, these FMA representatives are doing what they can to address the challenges of the fishery and support all active CGC ports to ensure sustainable, thriving fishing businesses. 



Michelle Norvell

Michelle is the Project Manager for the Fort Bragg Groundfish Association and has significant experience working directly with commercial groundfish fishermen and community stakeholders across California. She is also a part of a third-generation California fishing family and is the sustainability coordinator of a year-round IFQ trawl operation out of Noyo Harbor in Fort Bragg. Michelle brings with her experience in the legal profession working in civil litigation, and years of public service.  As an RPAC member, Michelle served on the California seat of the Council Advisory Board (CAB) for the five-year review of the Catch Share program.  She also works with a West Coast coalition creating legislation such as the Pacific Refi Act to relieve burdensome costs, and advocates for better regulations on issues such as electronic monitoring, exempted fishing permits, and opening historical fishing grounds through the RCA/EFP reconfiguration.

Lisa Damrosch

Lisa is the Executive Director for the Half Moon Bay Groundfish Marketing Association and has years of experience in sales, marketing and project management.  Lisa is the 4th generation of her California commercial fishing family operating out of Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, where she helps manage the family business from shore.  As an RPAC member, Lisa leads the CGC Electronic Monitoring EFP program and has been working with CGC vessels, TNC and others to inform regulations for Electronic Monitoring and other issues that directly impact the fishermen of the CGC.