Our Story

The California Groundfish Collective is a group of fishermen along the coast of California who have teamed up to adapt our businesses to create healthier oceans and better, more productive fisheries.

We’re partnering with The Nature Conservancy and each other using innovative technology to share data to map and direct our fishing, and to protect sensitive species and habitats. Together we’re creating healthier oceans and stronger fishing businesses in our communities.

The California Groundfish Collective is made up of fishing associations from Fort Bragg, Half Moon Bay, and Morro Bay. Working with The Nature Conservancy we’re securing our communities’ fishing heritage and bringing in fresh local seafood.

Fishermen in the California Groundfish Collective catch various groundfish species including petrale sole, sablefish/black cod, rockfish, sanddabs, dover sole, and thornyheads. Our collaborative efforts have resulted in the highest sustainability rankings from the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program of “Green/Best Choice” for our seafood.

Each year the California Groundfish Collective develops a report describing our operations and results on the water. Click here for a copy.